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By now, we all have a friend or two (maybe even 100) that are selling products through a direct sales company, network sales, or multi-level marketing (MLM) company.  It’s commonly referred to as a side hustle.  It can be a hobby, a career, or a means to break free from your 9-5.  Whatever it is, its everywhere these days.  There are so many different types of companies out there too.  Beauty products, skin care, cleaning products, oils, health and dieting plans, workouts, body wraps, etc… the list literally goes on and on.



Since my focus is the beauty world, I’m always intrigued by the cosmetic and skincare companies.  Like all of you, I love to support my friends.  It’s kind of awesome if I can support a friend and get an amazing product out of the deal.  That’s where I got the idea to do this MLM post series.  Since it’s virtually impossible to buy stuff from everyone and try everything, I’ve reached out to a few friends to sample their favorite or most popular products from the companies they represent.


I can be your MLM guinea pig!!!  When your BFF from High School messages you out of the blue asking you to try something, you will have some ideas on things that won’t be a waste of money.  I will be an educated, unbiased opinion source.  I’ll also share where you can find them.

I promise to be honest about my thoughts on the things that I try.  If I’m not overwhelmed, I’ll say so.  If I’m in love, I’ll shout it from the roof tops.  I’ll give the pros and the cons.  Sound fair?  Sound fun?

As I’ve tried things, I’ll post a review.  Some things take a little time to see the results, so there won’t be a regular schedule to the publishing.

I feel like I have to say publicly that while I am all about trying to make extra money,  I am not selling any of the products I’m reviewing, nor am I interested in selling them.  I am approached quite regularly by friends and acquaintances (with every company you can imagine), and even COMPLETE STRANGERS to sell.  I am always very respectful when I decline.   I will admit that the complete strangers, who have scoured someone’s friends list looking for targets, really irk me, like bad.  These individuals give MLMs a bad name.

My advice to those that sell… take no for an answer, graciously.  No need to hound anyone.  No one likes a hard sell.  My advice to someone that does not sell and is approached often, be kind and respectful.  Simply say “no, thank you”.  That should suffice.



Let the trials begin!!!!



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