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The occasions are rare that I am jealous of my 2 year old.  This Summer, several of my sundresses that I wore all last summer, suddenly had become too short.  They could’ve shrunk in the dryer, I may have gained a few units, I mean pounds…*wink wink.  All I know is that when I tried them on, they were completely inappropriate for public consumption.  Nobody needed to see my hiney or my undies every time the wind blew.  I love these dresses and didn’t want to give them up.  What to do?  Challenge accepted!

My options were to wear shorts under them, boy short undies, workout attire, or Spanx.  I’m sorry, but none of those options were viable.  Boy short undies were a bit too cheeky, workout shorts are mostly black and uncomfortable fabric, Spanx, no, just, no.  Here’s where the jealousy came in.  I needed something like my 2 year old has.  Cartwheel shorts.  I did a quick ask on my Mommy group page and got the suggestions I listed above.  No one makes adult sized cartwheel shorts for modesty.  Annoying.

This is where the amazing Kelley Wendelborn comes in.  She saw my plea on the mom group and sent me a private message.  She, in fact, was developing a line of clothing geared towards moms that included a cartwheel short for running around chasing kids!!!!!  I was ecstatic!  Eureka!!!  My dresses would be salvaged!

Mint Standard Clothing was born when Kelley Wendelborn (a local Charlotte Mom of 2), saw the need for high performing mom gear.  She is a believer in being hands free and developed a line with enough pockets to hold it all, even a bottle of beer!  Her line includes 2 styles of Mom approved dresses in 3 colors/prints, and shorties in 2 colors.  The pockets on the dress are so deep, I can put my keys, phone, snack, and a spare diaper in with no problem.  No more lugging a bag to the park!  These garments are the epitome of comfort with high performance fabric that wicks sweat and silhouettes that are so flattering.  It’s mom gear minus the FRUMP!  A feat in itself!  Kelley is pretty much a genius in my book!  Yep, that’s her below.


Starting a business can be a scary thing.  I wanted to know what gave her the courage to step out and go for it with Mint Standard Clothing.  If you know Kelley, then you know she has an amazing sense of humor and she cracks me up!!!  This is her response to my question about how she came to be an entrepreneur.

Maybe too much Titos in my kids popsicles? Lol. I think I’ve always wanted to do something for myself, to be more creative. I love my job but it is a very big corporate environment with lots of red tape. I like being able to be myself  in marketing, social media, and on the website: things like “if you have a bottle of champagne you need help drinking, contact us at (contact info).” I semi mentioned it to my husband and he was beyond supportive, without even really knowing what I meant about dresses with pockets. He really encouraged me which was huge. Then I fell in LOVE with the samples and knew there was no turning back. Although that check to the manufacturer was the scariest check to write!

I’m so glad that Tito’s and her husband gave her the encouragement that she needed, because Mint Standard Clothing is seriously exploding!  The clothing is so versatile and flattering on so many different body types and suit many different situations.

I have worn the Shortie’s and the Original dress more than once already, and I give a BIG THUMBS UP!  I’ve rocked them at the Nature Center, the park, the Teeter, and even to work!  Having my phone handy has been a game changer!  How else am I gonna check on all my Facebook Groups?!?

At work, I was able to hang on to hair color tubes, a round brush, my phone and keys.  No one could even tell that anything was in my pockets!  This dress is so comfortable and the moisture wicking fabric keeps you fresh on even the hottest day.  Its long enough that even a tall Momma could wear it and feel comfortable.


The Shortie is not just for Summertime either.  I have several cute Fall dresses that will instantly be more wearable when I throw some Shorties under them.  Like the ones below.  They are cute for pictures, but I couldn’t bend over without showing my behind.  Also, rumor has it that the Fall collection may include a 3/4 sleeve dress!!!!

17388992_10210689524967956_3804759348822095637_o  15068388_10209580151914323_9033972376318516368_o

Visit Mint Standard Clothing to fill up your cart, Kelley even offers local porch pick up so you don’t have to pay shipping.

Kelley has been a blast to work with on this post.  She is being so kind as to give one of my fabulous readers a store credit for a DRESS of YOUR CHOICE!!!!!  To enter, simply comment with what activity (big or small) you would use your MINT STANDARD DRESS for.  I love your creative answers!

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  1. I don’t know if this is the right spot to comment for entry into the dress giveaway but here it goes 🤣. The dresses featured in this blog are so cute! I love the original one–looks so comfy and cute! I would use this dress for everyday life! I’m a SAHM of two boys and also a private music teacher part time–I love that I could be out and about running errands, at the park, or teaching my students in this dress and still look appropriate and feel great about myself! 😊

    1. I’m a SAHM/music teacher, too! I agree it’s difficult to transition from playing on the floor to looking professional. It would be nice to have something versatile so I’m not changing out of yoga pants right before lessons!

  2. I’d love to try the shorties! Would be helpful to keep my phone on me while working away from home and chasing my littles while at home (I’m always accused of not be inn near my phone!)
    After I finish nursing and pumping I’ll also be sporting several of the dresses!! I’ve already asked her to add nursing friendly dress when she’s ready to expand!

  3. Running errands with my kids when I don’t want to be embarrassed about how I look in public 😂

  4. Chasing my Houdini 10 mth old & toddler! Bc apparently(although my husband thinks it’s sexy) my current mom clothes show way too much and he just informed me of this last night… after wearing my vacation mom-wear for a week in front of my family.

  5. I constantly long for dresses with big pockets!! I have a preschooler and a new baby. With one of these dresses I could carry snacks, crayons, passies, tissues and whatever rocks, seeds or leaves my daughter picks up along the way.

  6. These dresses are so cute! I would wear doing playground/ hiking and then to dinner with my wonderful husband!

  7. I love the cinch dress!! I love how it has arm coverage as well as pockets. I’ll be wearing that this school year as I volunteer:)

  8. I love them for everyday toddler scooping! I don’t even know how many times I have to bend over, squat down, plop on the floor. Shorties + the Cinch dress = I can do all that and carry around all the rocks the babe picks up and hands to me to keep for her!

  9. These dresses look AMAZING to be able to wear to the office, then pick up my kids and jump right into running around the yard, crazy dance parties, or board games on the floor… you know, normal daily life with a 5 and almost 3 year old. 😊

  10. Love these dresses. I am a nanny and a realtor. I don’t have kids of my own yet but I hang our all day with a 5&7 year old who love to play adventurers which I love but after exploring and playing I have to run errands and go to meetings where I want to look professional and put together. It is a pain to bring a change of clothes every day!

  11. I could really use the dress+shorties for my early childhood music classes that I teach. We’re oftentimes sitting cross-legged on the floor and getting up to dance. I want to model uninhibited movement for the kids, but look professional as the teacher. I also teach in a church, so those short sleeves are great for modesty, but staying cool.

  12. Ooh, I would love to win a dress! Fellow M2M mom! I would wear one to teach in! It would be perfect to have my phone on me, carry markers, and the remote to my Smart Board (that I’m constantly misplacing). Thanks so much for the insight on this cute dress! ❤️

  13. What activity WOULDN’T I use for a Mint Standard dress??? I just got one and it’s amazing. So comfortable and durable. I especially love the shorties. This outfit gives me the confidence to play with my kids and take them out in public… all while giving the illusion that i have it together. The pockets are amazing… I used them for water bottles and snack catchers, also for the hair bows my girls can’t decide whether they want in or out. I had my cell phone on hand in my shorties to receive a FaceTime call from Nana, and I survived the sweltering humidity. This dress does it all. Give me another! 🙂

  14. LOVE these dresses. I’m 4 months postpartum and I still don’t fit into any of my pre-pregnancy pants or shorts, so I would wear the cinch dress allll the time! Love the cartwheel shorts for adults, too– brilliant!

  15. Perfect dress to wear out and about on the weekends when you want to be comfortable but not look like a total slob. They are so cute!

  16. Busy Momma of 2, one of which is type 1 diabetic. The pockets would be perfect to carry his T1D kit around 🙂

  17. Can’t wait to try a dress and take it from the office to swinging with my little one and walking the dog when I get home without having to change!

  18. The first thing I’d do is use it in my family portrait session at Disney in September!!!! Then for my everyday use bc the dresses seem perfect for work and play!!!

  19. I work 9-5 in very conservative industry where I meet with clients daily. It kills me to have to sit uncomfortably in a complete suit or shift dress for the hours when I’m not actually in client appointments. Not to mention coming home to my little ones, just to have said suit covered in spit-up and peanut butter- “Dry Clean Only” and motherhood are not friends!! I love the idea of a comfortable dress that looks great with a blazer that I can still do life in through the rest of my waking hours!

  20. My husband laughs at how much women value a pocket. He, we have to carry around diapers, a phone, a wallet, glasses, zippy cups (for kids and ourselves), hand sanitizer, emergency snacks, keys…the list is endless. So these pockets? 💯💯 Also, tbh my mom indies aren’t very hot – they shouldn’t see daylight, so I’m also happy to see the length of these dresses! I work from home so my style has to be comfy & functional. Cute is a bonus!

  21. Love this!! I’d wear it eeeeverywhere – to the park, grocery shopping, chasing Odin around the backyard, neighborhood walks. Totally up my alley!

  22. I would love a Mint Standard dress with pockets for…
    1.) smuggling chick-fil-a sauce
    2.) carrying a flask for Skill pop classes
    3.) holding dog bones to lure in the stray and chained up dogs I rescue
    4.) and cash for M2M pickups

  23. It’s the perfect dress for chasing after a toddler, or running some errands! It would be a nice change from my yoga pant mom uniform! It looks like a great pre and post pregnancy outfit! Who wants to buy a separate maternity wardrobe? Not this girl!

  24. I would wear mine here, there and everywhere. It works for all occasions and errands. Nothing better than being a mom and looking like you’ve put yourself together

  25. I would wear my dress every wear! Errands, target, date night etc. and let’s be real, as a Mom of a newborn I need something that makes me look put together without much effort!

  26. Love Kelley and her clothes!! I’d love an original to throw on for preschool drop off and playground pick up!! What a great giveaway!!

  27. I would wear it while I teach to carry all of the things I am supposed to every time I leave the classroom. And then when I get home it would be perfect for the snacks and drinks and ROCKs that my little one collects! Ha!

  28. I would wear my dress chasing after my grandsons! I could store their little trinkets in the pockets! ❤️

  29. The black A-line dress is perfect for my fast-paced run around my work campus. Cell phone, badge, pen and notepad, and business cards will travel easily and look so much more “polished” than fumbling into meetings with hands full. And let’s not forget trekking to the ladies room truing to conceal a tampon!! 😳 It’s so hard to find functional clothing that looks updated for work. It’s true…pockets ARE life.

  30. Where have these clothes been all my life?!? They would have made life much simpler. I would have avoided shoving my cell phone in my sweaty waistband while taking my dogs and screaming toddler for a walk. Or have my husband stop asking me if I borrowed his boxer shorts again to wear under my dresses. 😬😬 I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair of the shorties and a dress. It’s about time a product like this was made! Thanks for freeing up our hands to do the things we really enjoy doing like throwing back a glass of red.

  31. Honestly with two little ones any excuse to leave the house with a large bag full of everything from snacks to wipes and whatever else falls in the bottom makes me feel like a carefree lady again! It’s such a good feeling to just be able to walk out with keys and a phone and know that’s all you need! But as a momma I know I need something that I can bend over to pick up thrown snacks and sit cross legged on the floor without showing anyone my totally un-cute undies!

  32. Wrestling, I mean wrangling…er…BUCKLING my toddler into her car seat without flashing the entire parking lot (or preschool). 🤦🏻‍♀️

  33. Oh my goodness, seriously this is the best idea! I am a CNA at the hospital and a boy mom so my wardrobe consists of scrubs and leggings with long tank tops. I have so many skirts and dresses that I never get to wear because it’s not practical with having to chase around a two year old. But I would wear those everywhere under every dress and I would actually get to feel pretty! And the pockets! <3

  34. I love the few that I saw! Not sure if there are more somewhere. I like the black ones a lot, the black and white checkered one was really cute! I would wear this to perform in one of my fire spinning shows! Its the perfect style to perform in!

  35. Love the dress and the shorts and all the pockets! I have a 5 month old son, 5 month and 13 month old nieces, and a 10 month old nephew. I am always at some sort of family event or party and playing/chasing mine or someone else’s child! These clothes would be so perfect for that! Cute but still comfy and practical!

  36. Holy Moly, I’ve been on a roll with giveaways so here ya go. I loooooove Mint Standard. My biggest love is the shorts cause, yeah, I’ve always been jealous of my daughters play shorts under dresses. And the dresses look so amazing. Where would I wear these? Where wouldn’t I wear these is a better question….the answer? EVERYWHERE!!!!!

  37. I’m pregnant with baby 4 in 4 years and I’m so excited to wear REAL clothes again after this baby is born. Both the dresses and the shorties would get regular wear in my clothes rotation. Ok who am I kidding? They’d be the only clothes in rotation, especially if she adds a nursing option before November 😉 I have a 3 and a 2 year daughter and they want to wear “same same” clothes with each other and me, and these dresses would be perfect that as well!

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