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In honor of Shop Small Saturday, I want to talk about a favorite little shop in Charlotte, NC.  City Art Works.

Who doesn’t love finding a hidden gem.  A place that you never knew existed, but once you did, you couldn’t imagine life with out it.  I feel that way about the local Charlotte, NC gift boutique City Art Works.  Don’t let the name fool you.   It’s not an art supply store, or an art gallery, or an art studio, although they do have some beautiful art pieces there.  City Art Works is a place that truly has it all!  I could get lost in the beautiful items they carry.DSC_1560

City Art Works is a hidden treasure.  I had no idea what they were all about, even though  I’ve passed by them countless times over the years.  They have a fantastic location right in the heart of Charlotte at Park Towne Village.  How did I not know about this amazing place?!?

They have jewelry, apparel accessory items, books, gifts, decor, beauty products, children’s items, and on and on.  I am doing them no justice with my descriptions.  You could find a gift for anyone in there.  They feature tons of artists and the aesthetic of the store is pure whimsy.

Susan Sloan and her business partner Allen Goldstein, have been bringing beautiful treasures to Charlotte for 32 years.  Their mantra has always been to “Elevate your giving to an art form.”  For them, its not about things on shelves.  Its really about the art of giving the gift.  From carefully chosen artists that they have acquired through their decades in business, to display/presentation and finally down to their gorgeous gift wrapping.  They truly provide a unique experience for their customers.

I visited City Art Works and got some really cute treasures.  I got a cloche hat and fingerless gloves by French Knot, I got my daughter an adorable mermaid doll by blabladolls, a bunny necklace by Little Lux (Gunner & Lux), and a gorgeous book of the 50 States for my son.



On this SHOP SMALL SATURDAY, go say hi to Susan and Allen at City Art Works.  They will be sure toe elevate your gift buying experience, and I promise you won’t walk out empty handed.  Since my visit she has decorated the entire shop for the Holidays, and I can’t wait to see it!!!

XO, Amanda

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