Summer Maintenance


So, we are knee deep in the Southern Summer season.  I know it gets hot all over the country, but nowhere is quite like the South.  It gets hotter than Hades, as we say down here.  High humidity, afternoon thunderstorms, and 100 plus degree days are the norm in my neck of the woods.  What’s a girl to do to stay cute in this kind of intense weather?

Some of these things may seem repetitive or common sense, but I will share my tips to Summer Maintenance…


The dewy look isn’t necessarily over, but the greasy look is definitely not in.  I find that if I use an oil based moisturizer or foundation in Summer, I can get grease face in a hurry.  My go-to’s are still the Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer and the Matte Intellishade tinted moisturizer.  When I really need to put on a face, on the rare occasion of nights out or photos, I adore Armani Face Fabric foundation from Neiman Marcus.  If you apply it with your fingertips, it wears like a tinted moisturizer.  However, if you use a foundation brush (I like Bobbi Browns) it wears like an airbrush finish foundation.  It’s been my secret for gorgeous photos for years, and I’m sharing it with you guys now.  I also love a good bronzing powder, I like GloMinerals and Laura Mercier.

face fabric in action

With skincare, I feel like people avoid using their more aggressive products, such as Retinol.  Summer sun can definitely intensify these types of products and it is wise to lay off of them if you’re going to be soaking up the rays.  And duh, sunscreen… always use sunscreen.  You don’t have to ignore your skin though.  I still get a microdermabrasion in the summer to exfoliate the dead skin cells and feel fresh and clean.  I still use great products, a good serum, and a light retinol night cream.  Right now I’m trying out the Epioncé line.  So far, my slightly sensitive skin is loving it.


Depending on your hair texture and type, Summer can be hell.  My curly/frizzy haired girls dread Summertime, and quite frankly, my fine haired ladies aren’t exactly excited about it either.  Humidity makes curls frizz and fine hair flat.  There are so many great products out for this now.  Oribé makes a great anti humidity aerosol spray called Impermeable, it works on all hair types at fighting the damp air.  Also, smoothing keratin treatments can change your life, if you fight frizz.  If my hair isn’t cooperating and the weather is gross, I always resort to a messy updo.  Curl your hair with an iron, tease it a bit and with your hands, loosely bobby pin it back.  It saves me on a regular basis.  Short hair can still benefit from a few loose curls and some Oribé Dry Texture spray.  Gives your hair that messy look on purpose.


Being a new Momma again, I’m not exactly dying to get out in a bikini this summer.  I love the sun, but with two small kiddos, I get about 30 minutes tops before someone needs to go inside again.  The older I get, the paler I get.  I am all about faking it!  Spray tans are my favorite thing ever, summer or anytime of year really.  I’m not talking Oompa Loompa, or Jersey Shore Orange.  I’m talking beautiful bronzed legs that look instantly thinner and longer!  I go to a Spray Tanning Salon in Charlotte, NC called Vanity Glo, Zoe is a tan genius.  For those of you not in Charlotte, she uses Infinity Sun products and they are beautiful.  I never feel unnatural or orange.  The picture above and below features this spray tan.

Stay cool and Fabulous!!!!!!

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