The Ban Has Been Lifted

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10304-dudzikfamily0062My Postpartum Purgatory is officially over!  I have mixed emotions about it, but I’m completely done with breastfeeding and pumping.  For the last year and a half, I’ve been banned from so many of the maintenance services that I relied on before.  But now I’m free!!!  (Don’t worry, there were some tears and doubts about weaning, but it’s the right thing to do.)

I feel like this second baby has aged me like 10 years.  Two in diapers is no joke!!!  Baby number 2 thinks that sleeping through the night is for suckers, and decides to keep me on my toes by crying a billion times a night.  Which is part of the reason I quit breastfeeding.  Baby number 1 is actually a toddler now, and everything that that implies.  It turns out that a lack of sleep and running on straight anxiety can take a toll on you. Big time!

In an effort to regain some normalcy, I decided I needed to get fixed up, get my mojo back, and feel like a human being again.   The first thing I did was book my Botox appointment.  It’s been forever since my face was frozen (in a good way) and wrinkle free.  Mischell Christmas at Charlotte Plastic Surgery did her magic.  I honestly feel like a different person… who looks like she actually sleeps.

I also got a facial at Miramae in Charlotte, with Rhonda Green.  My face needed some serious TLC to get back on track.  I tried Dermaplaning and got a PCA Oxygenating Facial.  The Oxygen Facial made my skin feel supple and full again.  It activated collagen and made me feel softer.  Dermaplaning is a process where an esthetician basically shaves your face with a scalpel.  Sounds crazy, but it made my face feel as smooth as a baby’s behind!  It exfoliates dead skin like nothing else, with an added bonus of getting rid of any baby blonde hairs that may be hanging around.  I’m not a hairy person at all, but I still loved the thought of the invisible peach fuzz being gone.  I also loved that this is not a high maintenance service.  If you never get it done again, its ok, you’re not going to have a beard or anything.  You really need to go to someone who is an expert at this.  I can imagine that there are things that could go wrong with this service if not done properly.  I will be doing both of these things again.

Nothing lights a fire under your ass, like having to get in a bikini, so I got everything squared away for our family beach trip to Hilton Head Island, SC.  It’s the first time I’ve gotten all my maintenance services done in a long time!  Nails, Spray Tan, brows, bikini wax, and facial!

So I’m back to the land of the living now, and feeling a whole lot better about myself.  Still not sleeping a whole lot, but its getting better every week.  There’s always Some Maintenance Required and I’m just getting started!!!

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