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At Some Maintenance Required, we love to support local ladies doing big things.  So when I found out that my dear friend Heather Love and her hubby Anthony Sanders had created a new skincare line, I was jonesing to try it.  Blondie refers to the beauty that is Heather, and the Beast is Ant, lol!

I’ve been using the Unicorn Sunbeam Body Wash, (you had me at Unicorn)!  The Nourish Lavender + Geranium body oil has been just what I needed after soaking up the sun on vacation, so moisturizing!   On the rare chance that the kids go to bed early, I’ve used the Unicorn Sunbeam Dead Sea Soak.  It makes your skin feel like butter.   The Relax Sugar Scrub has been an awesome prep product for spray tanning and even comes with an adorable wooden spatula.  I’ve been enjoying these products for a couple of weeks and I am in love!

If you’re into essential oils, you will immediately be drawn to this line.  They have a vast array of goodies to choose from.  They even have some mens products.  Think beard balm for your rugged hottie husbands.  The products smell fantastic.  They aren’t saccharin sweet like a lot of stuff out there.  You won’t smell like a sugar cookie or a fruit explosion.  These fragrances are more organic and natural.  I don’t mean Head Shop, Grateful Dead, Hippy smelling, but sophisticated, super fresh smells.  It’s a shame you can’t smell through the internet, because you’d all be placing orders as we speak if you could.

I wanted to know more about how this all came to be, so I asked Heather to tell me all about it!

“What is Blondie + Beast?

Blondie + Beast is a pure and natural, handmade personal care products company founded and ran by wife and husband duo, Heather and Ant. We carefully focus on sourcing natural ingredients that each provide a true beneficial purpose, we never use fillers. Why the name Blondie + Beast? Heather is blonde and Ant has a big beard. The name was said one evening as a joke and it stuck!


What is our “why”?

Heather’s background is cosmetology. She graduated from the Aveda Institute in 2005 and continued working at Aveda salons until becoming a stay at home mom. Becoming a mother even furthered her passion and awareness for natural living. She was constantly researching products, ingredients, and their side effects to be sure she was using the best products possible for their children. Understanding that skin is our largest organ and that it literally absorbs the majority of we put on it is what inspires her. She wants to ensure that the products are truly delivering pure benefits, without the dangerous or toxic chemicals that are commonly found in products. Ant is a web and graphic designer, who also has experience with product branding. He is passionate about his beard and beard care. With the combination of our skills and desires, our brand was born with true human wellness as the priority.


How did Blondie + Beast get started?

We started making products in our kitchen, there was a good bit of trial and error…especially with the charcoal line. I’m sure you all can imagine how that might have gone, let’s just say that there were times when I used a charcoal tester and I didn’t quite look the same! Please don’t let that scare you, we promise we worked out those ratios! Once we felt that we had our products at a good point we sought out our friends and family to be testers, we’re pretty sure some of them thought we were crazy!

What makes Blondie + Beast different?

* Pure and natural products with simple packaging.

* Ingredients that are easy to pronounce and that provide true benefits to your skin and body.

* No fillers. No synthetics, parabens or harmful chemicals.

* Only the purest, therapeutic-grade essential oils and plant-based oils in each blend.

* A safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and cruelty-free approach to researching, testing, and making our products. “


After using these products for a few weeks, I can honestly say I love them.  I’m a product snob/junkie.  I’m picky.  Texture, fragrance, packaging, I notice it all.  They nailed it.  It’s beautiful, easy to use, smells amazing, and actually works.  We are always looking for products that are safe and effective.  Blondie + Beast is all that and being local is the cherry on top!

If you need to fill up your bathroom with all the products like I do, follow them on Facebook.  You can buy anything they make from their website , easy peasy!!!  They have kindly offered all of our readers a 20% discount code!  Use SMR20 at checkout!  You can also find a few of their goodies at my special fave, CltFind, at 7th Street Public Market.

Now, onto the fun stuff…

Heather and Ant have so generously offered a giveaway!  They are offering a $50 store credit to one of our lucky readers.  You get to choose what yummy goodies you’re going to devour.  How cool is that?????

Comment below with what Blondie+Beast product you are dying to try!  We will choose a winner by Saturday.  You know you need this!!!


16 thoughts on “Blondie + Beast”

  1. These products look amazing! I want to try them all, but the Nourish Lavender + Geranium Body Oil is right up my alley! Thanks for sharing:) Forwarding the beard products to a few fellas now!

  2. Whoa, why I did I not know about this brand before?!? It sounds amazing and I can’t wait to try it. I’m really looking forward to trying the Nourish Lavender + Geranium body oil.

  3. I’m loving everything about this post…essential oils, local, CLTFind! I make my own bath + body as well but I’m dying to try the body oil like the previous comments!!! And PS: Not only is this power couple amazing at natural bath + body, they also (obvs) have super design skills! Ant is (as we speak) creating a logo for my new biz endeavor…..can’t wait to see and share! Thanks for hi lighting the awesome small business! -Cheers!

  4. Love their stuff! Charcoal is so hot right now! I can’t wait to try the charcoal body wash!

  5. Now I’m dying to try the Unicorn bath soak!!! Maybe I should pop by CltFind this weekend 😊😊

  6. Oh I love this kind of stuff especially when it supports a local couple!!! I would do the body oil. I haven’t been using body lotion bc it makes me sweat. But I just found out it’s all the crap in drug store lotions like petroleum that’s clogging the pores and baking me sweat. This comment is getting really long lol. Anyway, love the blog and so these new finds!!

  7. I am SUPER excited to try the Unicorn Sunbeam Dead Sea Soak! Sounds dreamy and magical!

  8. I am having trouble picking just one I’d love to try! Nursing mama here with a closet full of “unnatural” stuff that I’m no longer using and would love to give this a shot.

  9. It all sounds so nice!! I would love to try to the sugar scrub and the charcoal for me! And I am just getting into oils and have a few I would like to get for my family. I can’t wait to try it all out!
    Thanks SMR for introducing them to me!

  10. So cool! I just saw their products on CLT find! I’d love to try the unicorn soak and charcoal scrub! Yay for local goods 👍🏻

  11. What a great find, Amanda! I would love to try the Rose Goddess Coconut milk bath and the Unicorn Sunbeam Dead Sea Soak.

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