No Booze for 9 Months…AHHHH!



Come on, admit it, you miss it.  The first trimester, it isn’t so hard, the smell alone can make you barf.  You’re still in the shock and awe stage of, “I’m making a person!”  But when the second trimester rolls around, you start feeling better, have more energy, aren’t as likely to vomit…. You see someone sipping a mimosa, a glass of prosecco, and you feel a teensy bit jealous… Okay, a lot jealous.  On a hot summer afternoon, at a dinner party, just sitting on the sofa, you miss feeling like a normal human being and having a glass of wine.  It’s okay to miss it, it doesn’t make you less of a person, or a bad mom.

With my first pregnancy, I tried a few non-alcoholic wines from various places around Charlotte.  Honestly, most of them tasted like grape juice.  Sickeningly sweet and pretty gross.  I pretty much gave up on the idea this time around until I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a brand called 9 Months Love.  It’s a non-alcoholic sparkling wine company geared towards pregnant mommas.  First of all, great idea, and second of all, thank God someone created it!  I emailed the owner of the company, Carrie Marvin, who is a new mom herself, to see if it retailed anywhere in Charlotte.  It doesn’t yet, but she was kind enough to send me a bottle of the sparkling white.  I wanted to save it for a special occasion, so I chose to open it on a Mom’s Afternoon Out with my dear friend Amanda.  Twice the Amanda fun, yay!  We went to Woo Cosmetics in Myers Park to play with makeup, and I sipped on a couple of glasses of this amazing wine!  Check out Woo! and go get made up with my new friend Lauren, who is an artist there, she’s the BEST!

Favorite things… wine and makeup!

Amanda’s getting makeovers!  

Isn’t it nice to hear CAN instead of CAN’T?  I polished off the bottle the next night, cooking out with the hubs.  It reminded me of a prosecco cocktail I’ve had at Wolfgang Puck’s that has St. Germaine in it.  Yummy, delish, yes, please!

Not only is this a great product, it’s a great company with a heart of gold.  They support the March of Dimes and donate with each bottle sold.  I’m a fan, and you should be too.  Did I mention that the owner, Carrie, is right up the road in Winston-Salem, NC?  Check out the website, and you can’t help but adore Carrie, her story, and her brand I’m placing an order to try the sparkling red ASAP!  

Until next post, sip on some bubbly (9monthslove bubbly of course), put up your feet, if you’re not chasing around a toddler, and relax!  Next post we discuss…. B.O. and STRETCH MARKS!!!!



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