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Back to my Multi- Level Marketing Beauty Company reviews.  Next up is one I knew fairly well.  I have lots of friends who sell Rodan & Fields.  You probably do too.  It’s really blown up on the last 5 years.  It was started by the two Doctors who created ProActiv acne systems.  They offer many different lines of skin care.  They really are a power player in the world of direct skin care sales.  It’s considered an Over The Counter skin care line and is FDA approved.

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As I said I know lots of people who can sell R&F, but I only know a few who really put in the work and have made a successful career out of it.  One of my dear clients, who’ve I’ve seen for years, is one of those people.  Sonya Hill is the first person I ever met that sold R&F as a career, and not just a side gig.  She is fully committed and she has been a rockstar.  She represents MLM in the best way.  She has never pushed or pressured me to buy or sell.

Sonya Hill


When I set out to do this MLM beauty review series, I knew I had to reach out to Sonya.  I knew she would be a great collaborator.  She is a gorgeous lady, inside and out.  I asked her what drew her to R&F.

I began selling in 2013 and chose it because of the business model and the impact the doctors and products were having on the skincare market.  I saw it as a way to replace my pharmaceutical income and be at home with my kids.

I love that she was able to replace her income and spend more time with her family.

She graciously brought me a weeks worth of samples of the GLOW kit pictured above.The kit includes 3 samples from the Redefine line, an anti-aging line.  You begin with a Daily Cleansing Mask.  I applied the mask to clean dry skin, with wet fingers and let it set for 10 minutes.  It feels sort of strange and slightly tingly at first and it hardens as it dries.

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Then I rinsed off the mask with warm water, and dried my face.  The next steps were to apply a Night Renewing Serum.  It comes in a little bubble that you twist to open.  I think I’d prefer it in a pump bottle.  Then you apply the Lip Renewing Serum to finish the regime.  It also comes in a bubble.  You can get 2 uses from 1 bubble.  You really want to try this kit!!!!

My skin felt super smooth and firm after this GLOW kit.  I can see how using it every day could transform your texture and tone.  I would recommend this line if you’re looking to get started on a great anti-aging regiment.

Rodan & Fields is also well known for their Lash Boost lash serum.  I’ve seen some amazing results on other people from this product.  As soon as I run through my Latisse, I’m going to invest in this.  This is Sonya below and her results.


They also just launched a new eye brightening serum, Bright Eye Complex.  I really want some samples of this product.  I’m a sucker for eye creams!


If you’re intrigued by any of these skin care products, and want to try a sample, reach out to Sonya here.  Anyone who reaches out to her for a sample will receive a give it a glow sample pack while supplies last!

And new preferred customers who mention SOME MAINTENANCE REQUIRED will receive a free eye cream!!!!



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