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It’s probably not what you’d think…

Nothing in the world makes me feel healthier, thinner, or more attractive than a spray tan!  I could forego all other beauty services and only get a spray tan and still feel pretty amazing.  We all know that tanning beds are a big NO NO!  Safe Sun is where its at!

As a working mom, it’s so hard for me to find time to go to an appointment to have an airbrush tan.  Most places are not open very late and I’d have to have a sitter to watch the kids.  It’s just not convenient.   I don’t like the spray tan booths because they are inconsistent and I always manage to mess up something, and end up with orange hands and feet.  An Airbrush tan is applied by a person and not a machine booth.  It’s always a better result for me.

Beach Spray Tan, can’t live without it!


I have been spray tanning for special events and vacations for years.  I even spray tanned when I was pregnant, okayed by my OB/GYN.  I did wait until my second trimester though. It makes me feel like the best version of myself.  I even love the smell of the solution, I know, that’s weird.  It makes me happy though.  I can tell a huge difference in photos when I have one vs when I don’t.

Gorgeous Spray tan for my Maternity Pictures

In my search for an airbrush spray tan place closer to home, I found the fabulous Emily Musgrave , owner of Glo by Emily.  She does the airbrush tan that I love and, get this, she comes to you!  Hallelujah!!!  No more driving home all sticky and worried about staining my car seats with spray tan!  It’s a great service for busy ladies!

Emily of Glo by Emily

After having kids, I felt like I needed something for myself.  You don’t exactly feel your best right after having babies.  I loved the way I felt after having a spray tan on my wedding day.  I felt so much better about myself and that carried with me.  It made me feel more alive!  I wanted to feel that way all the time.  I knew how transformative a spray tan can be.  I wanted other women, moms, working moms, and busy women (and even men)to feel as great as I did with a spray tan.  That led me to pursue a mobile spray tanning business.  What a luxury it would be to have a custom spray tan in your own home.  I love making people feel good about themselves.  I love connecting with women and having conversations about life and kids.  I love having relationships and a bond with people.

Her business grew through word of mouth and has exploded ever since.  Spray tanning is such an intimate service and she has a gift of making you comfortable, even though you’re naked, haha!  She can customize your tan color to your skin tone and lifestyle.  Sometimes I need something soft and sometimes I need to be Moana… Let’s put it this way, make me as dark as possible if my body is getting near a bikini…lol!  All of her Infinity Sun tan ingredients are natural too.

Latest spray tan for family photos!

Emily travels all over the Charlotte area, Uptown to Waxhaw, making women glo!  She has been wonderful and accommodating of my crazy schedule.  It helps that we are practically neighbors.


Pic of family
Angel and her sweet family!

If you’re on the North side of town, Lake Norman, Concord, Harrisburg, Davidson, allow me to introduce you to Angel Woodward of GloBody by Angel.  I’ve been friends with Angel for years and was SO excited to see that she had started her own business.  I wanted to know the backstory, so I asked Angel to fill me in.

I had been looking for something, but didn’t want to get involved with an MLM right now, b/c I didn’t want the pressure of recruiting people under me!  This just made sense to me b/c I LOVE spray tans and I think a lot of women are moving to spray tans these days b/c of the dangers of the sun and tanning beds.  I started getting tans with Globody back in 2014.  That’s when I met Amanda, one of the owners and she and her business partner Stacey have grown this business in to what it is today.
The solution that we use is all natural, organic, paraben free and vegan.  We have 4 shades in the PureGlo solution and three shades in the Ageless Glo solution.  We also carry retail products, such as scrubs, moisturizers and extenders.  As well as tan mist and a tan mousse to help you on days that you just can’t get the spray tan done!

DSC_1555Of course, I had to sample the goods!  Angel came over and gave me a tan.  I went with the level 2, more natural look.  It was so beautiful!!!  I love the color, the fragrance of the products.  I even bought the aerosol spray tan and the moisturizer for after tan care.


The Tan Machine!
Full Line of GloBody products.

So, I’ve got you covered on a tan no matter what side of Charlotte, NC you live on.  Here are some tips for Spray Tanning if you’ve never done it before.

Here’s how to prepare for your GloBody Spray Tan:

• shower
• exfoliate
• shave
• no make-up
• no deodorant
• no lotion
• wear loose fitting, dark colored clothing and/or robe (no silk)
• you may wear a dark colored swim suit, under garment, our disposable thongs, or some

female clients prefer to go nude.
• if it is raining, bring an umbrella to your appointment

Next time you have a special event, a hot date, a wedding ,a vacation, or just a Tuesday, try out a spray tan.  If you’re in good hands like Emily or Angel, you won’t regret it!!!!!

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