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*****This was a post I wrote a few years ago, it was featured on Confessions of a Real Mom.  It is one of my favorites and I thought I’d share it again.  I had just found out I was pregnant with my daughter, Greer, but I hadn’t told anyone yet.  I had no idea what was coming!!!  Two is no joke!  I’m happy to report I finally got a facial.  Enjoy, mommas!


After a particularly rough toddler day with my son, full of screaming, willfulness, tantrums, and overall pushing of Mommy’s buttons, I decided that I needed to blog to let off some steam.

When we enter the world of Motherhood, we all swear that we won’t change.  We won’t lose our fabulousness.  We won’t get all “mommied out”, let ourselves go, become frumps, wear Mom Jeans (gasp) or sensible shoes.  The real world eventually catches up to us, however, and we realize that we have to make sacrifices and not be the selfish jerks we were pre-kiddos.

Pre-baby I was getting regular gel manicures and pedicures.  I’m talking every 2 weeks without fail, I had a standing appointment with my manicurist.  Nowadays I’m lucky to get these hooves addressed once every two months.  Forget fingernail polish, that junk chips after one haircut and 2 diaper changes!  Honestly, I don’t miss the nails.  It’s a nice treat when there’s time.

Pre-motherhood I spray tanned regularly, weekly at least.  Not gonna lie, I miss it.  I love the way it made me feel, all healthy and glow-y!  Now, its reserved for special occasions only, vacations, weddings, etc.  I accidentally transferred the spray tan on half of my son’s face when he was a baby, and that’s when I had to limit it to special occasions.  Oops.

Facials, God I miss facials.  I used to get a monthly facial and take such good care of my skin.  Now, a facial is like the Holy Grail!  When my son goes to preschool, I’m booking a facial.  I am.

My hair, this hair… pre-kiddo, foils and/or color wash every 5 weeks.  Hair extensions every 4 months.  Always on point, being that this is my career and all.  Now, so glad roots are in, cause I got em’, lots of em’.  Some days a dirty ponytail is all that I can muster.  Thank God for dry shampoo!  I do still get extensions, but not in like a year!  I definitely feel like crap about my hair, I have to get better on this one, I just do.

One thing I have stayed on top of is my waxing.  Some things you do for yourself, some things you do for your husband too.  Even though he probably wouldn’t care if I stopped.  I care, I care a lot, and that’s non-negotiable.  Same goes for eyebrow threading, can’t face the world with jacked up eyebrows.

Shopping for clothes used to be an a no brainer.  I’d pop over to the mall after work, browse, try things on.  Go to several stores, take my time.  New outfits for every occasion.  Retail therapy was enjoyable. Now?  Thank God for online shopping!  There is no leisurely stroll through the mall with a toddler, who hates his stroller.   I don’t care if I wear the same outfit over and over.  I am so much more comfortable with my personal style now.  I’m not saying I wear yoga pants and flip flops every day.    Pinterest keeps me inspired for cute but casual outfits, but I miss the fun of getting decked out.

It probably sounds like I’m complaining.  Oddly enough, I’m not.  Although I miss things about my life before, what I have now is more than enough.  What used to be an “all about me” life has been traded in for something much better.  I realize that before, I had a somewhat shallow existence.  Now I fill life with Swim classes with my toddler, play dates with our friends, the pool, the park, and snuggles on the couch.  While I understand that maintenance is important, super important, (not rocking mom jeans anytime soon)… I understand that balance is important too.  I can take care of myself and take care of my family.  I don’t think I will ever “let myself go”, I’m too proud and too vain.  But I have “let go” of the extra stuff that I don’t have room for right now. I’ll let y’all know how that facial goes, and who knows, maybe I’ll even get a haircut.

Until next post, fellow moms, don’t give up on yourselves, buy a new lipstick, feel pretty, and know… there’s always some maintenance required.

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