Woo Hoo!


We all have our happy place.  The place that makes your heart smile the minute you get there.  The place you go to escape the chaos that is mom life.

For this product junkie, Woo Skincare & Cosmetics is that place.  If you’re in Charlotte, you may already know about this little slice of beauty heaven.  Woo is a skincare and cosmetic boutique in the heart of Myers Park, at Selwyn & Colony.  We’ve been lucky enough to have them in Charlotte for 4 years.  They carry all of the best skin care, cosmetic lines, haircare,  locally made jewelry, and gift items.  They also have a treatment room for esthetic services.  They are owned by Woo Caroland of Nashville, and Kara Campbell from right here in Charlotte!  You know we are all about supporting a local business!

 I won’t lie, this place is dangerous.  I pretty much just give them my money as I walk in the door.  It’s impossible to leave empty handed.  Think Target on steroids.  As if the glamorous products weren’t enough, they have the most amazing team of makeup artists.  I met Lauren Bryant there a few years ago at Woo.  One of my besties and I (shout out to Amanda Maney) were out for a Moms Night Out and decided to go play with makeup at Woo, neither of us having ever been there.  Lauren took great care of us and made us feel beautiful.  She is an amazing artist, as well as an amazing momma to a sweet little boy.  We bonded over babies and bronzer.  Lauren and Woo have been my go-to makeup source ever since.   Oh, and a little tip, they throw the most amazing Anniversary Party every year with a legit swag bag.  Worth a visit!

 I needed some inspiration for my makeup bag big time.  I’ve been using the same tired stuff since last Fall.  I decided it would be fun to go in and play around with some of the Summer makeup trends.  Lauren was happy to oblige and even provided an amazing Giveaway Goodie Bag worth over $300!!!!!!!!!!    



I wanted to play around with a casual daytime look, because where am i going at night, let’s get real?!?  My face was prepped with the Intellishade Matte as well.  She then used the Chantecaille Sunlight Illuminator  to highlight and give me that J.Lo glow.  Obsessed with this one, ladies!  She used the NARS Desire blush on the apples of my cheeks.  She used Bbbi Brown Sparkle shadow in cement on my lids and Trish McEvoy arabian nights eyeliner to give a subtle definition.  She finished with Tridh High volume Mascara and Laura Mercier Bellini gloss.  I felt very fresh and sun kissed!

Trish McEvoy liner Arabian nights
Laura Mercier bellini gloss
Chantecaille sunlight illuminator
NARS desire blush
Trish McEvoy high volume mascara
Bobbi Brown sparkle shadow in cement

If you find you must have any of these products, call Woo, and they will pull them for you and have them ready for pick up!

A GIANT THANKS to Lauren and the team at Woo Cosmetics for letting us come in and play with all the pretty things!  Go see them, you wont leave disappointed or empty handed!!!!!




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