Postpartum Purgatory


The last couple of months have been a whirlwind.  Lots of action, the big build up to welcoming our daughter into the world.  Lots of preparation, anticipation, and adjustment to our new reality as a family of four.

I’d love to share some highlights and a few lows (keeping it real) from the last little while.

When you’re in the final couple of weeks of pregnancy, you feel pretty much like crap.  Odds are you’re the biggest you’ve ever been.  Your back hurts, your feet hurt, your baby is using your ribs as monkey bars.  You don’t exactly feel pretty.  The prettiest I ever felt during my pregnancy was when I was lucky enough to do a Maternity Photoshoot with my friend and client, Allison Kuhn.

It was a total last minute thing.  I was foiling her gorgeous locks, and we were discussing corny photo shoots, ala, when we came to the conclusion that we should do a maternity shoot… in 2 days.  I scrambled for a dress that I borrowed from my friend, Christy.  Allison scrambled for a location, The Duke Mansion, where I got married.  It came together beautifully, totally meant to be.  My co-worker, Colette, did my hair.  I did my own makeup.  I felt pretty for the first time in a long time.  Here’s a link to Allison’s blog .

I’m madly in love with these photos.  They are a testament to Allison’s talent, and did I mention she shoots on real film?  I learned so much about photography that morning from her.  She is amazing!

Baby Sprinkle

When I had my first child, a boy, I was thrown 3 baby showers.  We were spoiled rotten and had everything we could possibly need and then some.  When I got pregnant again, so close to the first baby,  I decided I didn’t want or need a baby shower.  I already had all the big stuff, and I could make some of the blue stuff work for a little girl.  Did I mention I have some awesome friends?  Two of my girlfriends decided that I was ridiculous, and wanted to throw me a baby sprinkle.  Baby Greer needed some pink in her life.  My darling friends, Shelby and Amanda, went above and beyond.  The sprinkle was gorgeous and yummy, and Greer got loads of pink cuteness!

My Sweet Friends

Amanda, Myself, Shelby

And last but not least, allow me to introduce you all to 


7 lbs 14 oz 20 inches

born February 24, 2015

6:43 pm

More newborn pics to come, Laura Wopperer Photography.

She is a great baby, very sweet and gorgeous.  She loves her swing, hates a diaper change, and nurses like a champ.  However….

I’m stuck in the dreaded 4th trimester.  My maternity clothes are enormous, but my normal clothes don’t fit.  The post baby muffin top is killing me.  I have 20 lbs to lose.  My face is breaking out, my roots are horrendous, and I look tired as hell.  Probably because I’m tired as hell.  I could own stock in under eye concealer.

I’d forgotten how torturous nighttime can be with a newborn.  They actually have to eat, regularly.  I thought it was hard with my first, now I have a wild 2 year old thrown in the mix.  He is so sweet to his sister, until he decides he needs my attention.  “Mommy, hold you!”  I have to be sure I’m balancing my time between the two of them.

There is “SOME MAINTENANCE REQUIRED” for sure.  My beauty routine is on hold.  I shower daily… I swear.  Beyond that, I make no promises.  This phase is short lived, but  The 4th trimester is no joke.  You’re still healing from childbirth, you still can’t do a lot, like sex, or fitness, or much else if you’re breastfeeding.  Not that sex is high on anyones list, after pushing out a baby!!!

For all my new Mommies, I’m in it and I feel you!  

My soon-to-be Mommies, it will be okay, I swear.  

My veteran Mommies, don’t make fun of us, you were once in our shoes.

Thanks for following my journey.  It has been, and will continue to be, ONE HELL OF A RIDE!

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