Miracle Product…No, really.


Since cutting off my hair, I’ve lightened it up, and have been curling and styling it more.  I haven’t been the nicest to my ends.  It’s been super fun to experiment with a new style, and probably the only fun part of my beauty routine since being super pregnant.  The downside to all this hair fun is that my ends had seen better days.  I noticed some damage from the dry shampoo, teasing, and heat styling.  The heater being on hasn’t helped exactly either.  Luckily, Oribé came out with an amazing new styling product.

Split End Seal!

I kid you not, this stuff works.  It’s a split end mender and silkening serum that can be used on damp or dry hair.  It’s clinically proven to improve split ends dramatically after one use.  I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and wow, what a difference!  My ends are easier to smooth, and no longer look like a cat has been chewing on them.  I’m in the growing out process/vicious cycle and need my hair to stay healthy.  I think this stuff is a serious miracle product.

We sell it at 8 the Salon or you can find it on Oribé’s website.  Try it, you won’t regret it!

Here’s to happy hair!!!

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