Maintenance Down Under…& I don’t mean Australia!


Most every woman (and some men)  does some sort of personal grooming below the belt.  There are lots of options available to assure that you don’t look like you have an afro or a jungle in your underpants, unless you’re into that sort of thing.

If you’re a girl who can shave your bikini and not have razor bumps, itchies, or immediate stubble, then good for you.  That’s so much easier and you’re a lucky gal!  If you’re like most of us, and have to employ more serious tactics below the equator, here’s what I’ve learned about bikini waxes…

Whether you’re just cleaning up the edges, or going the full monty, bikini waxing is by far the cleanest and longest lasting service I’ve had.  I know that laser hair removal is said to be permanent, and can be a great option for some, but it isn’t for everyone.  I tried it years ago, and it did cut down the amount of hair, but it wasn’t permanent for me.

Don’t even get me started about the maintenance down there when you’re knocked up!  Through pregnancy, it gets harder and harder to see what’s going on at your bikini line, much less shave it.  When I was pregnant with my son, I kept a very regular wax routine.  That was the last thing I wanted to be worried about.  I even ended up having my legs waxed too, because, by the end,  I couldn’t reach them in the shower.  I might’ve been huge, but I wanted to be silky smooth!

My great friend Ariana Loredo is a bi-coastal, waxing guru of Spa Ariana  (562) 234-0558.   She splits her time between Charlotte and Los Angeles, and over the years, has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of body grooming.  She provided me with some basic info based on her expertise.

Amanda: What are the different options with a bikini wax?

Ariana:  With so many different places you may go for waxing, or even in different cities for that matter, you might hear different things.

The basic is just that. Hair is removed from what would be visible from outside of a full panty. (I hardly do any of those.)

Most people do at least a “High V”, Brazilian (leaves a little “landing strip”), or Full Brazilian (all off, everything, even the “back”).

Amanda:How long does it typically last?

Ariana:  There’s no exact number. Every body is different, if the hair is the correct length (1/4 to 1/2 an inch in length), it can last a few weeks. The other bonus to that is that it is not growing back in full strengths all at once. The hair grows in three stages so it comes back in three stages. And generally, the more you do it, the less it grows back.

Amanda:What can we do to reduce the pain of a wax?

Ariana:  Take a mild pain reliever 20 minutes before your service. (Wine? Only if you believe it!) And keep an eye out for numbing cream prepping the skin in different forms.

Amanda:What can we do, preparation-wise, to be a good client?

Ariana:  Just show up. We pre-cleanse the skin and take necessary steps before waxing. Don’t worry!

Amanda:Can you wax during that time of the month?

Ariana:  Of course! The most sensitive time is actually when you’re PREmenstrual. Just wear something more than a pad that visit.

When you’re talking about maintaining an area as intimate as your nether regions, things are bound to get embarrassing.  Personally, I’ve had a few funny experiences.  Beware: TMI coming your way.  I’ve been terrified of farting on the table more than once.  Mercifully, it never happened.  The wax strip came off containing toilet paper on it once.  Oops, at least it was clean.  Every waxer has a different way of positioning you for waxing the “back” area, yes, that’s your butt.  Getting on all fours isn’t uncommon.  The first time getting that done is a little strange.  You do get used to it though.

Whatever embarrassing thing you’re afraid of happening, I guarantee your waxer has seen it.  Put aside your fears, and go for it.  

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