Preschool Break down


For those of us with toddlers, preschool or Mom’s Morning Out is a big deal.  For most of us, it’s the first time we have ever left our kids with someone new, other than nannies or family.  It can be hard to get a spot, and it can be a stressful decision.  I went on “Mom Intuition” alone, while some put in as much research as looking for a college.  Either way, ISN’T IT THE BEST???????

Free at last, free at last!  For me, it was the first time since becoming a mother that I ever had free time, without my child in tow, that I wasn’t at work.  Sure, I could’ve paid a sitter, but let’s be real, that wasn’t going to happen for errand running… and I don’t have a regular babysitter.  So now, I have a few hours twice a week with which to do whatever I please!  I cram it in too.  It’s remarkable how much I can get done in that small window of time.  I amaze myself!  I’ve gotten pedicures, grocery shopped, seen friends, gotten my hair done, and just lounged on the couch!  Worth every penny I pay for Preschool.

The first few weeks were rough, my son cried…a lot.  One day he cried for an hour.  I felt awful and guilty.  In no time at all, I noticed a huge turn around.  When I picked him up, he’d be smiling and happy.  His teachers are wonderful and have worked with him a lot.  Now, it’s smooth sailing.  I’ve even been Room Mom for his Fall Class party.  I’ve met other moms and feel like a part of the preschool community.

That brings me to all the different kinds of moms I’ve observed since being a preschool mommy.  Full disclosure, I can assure you that I’ve been all of these moms except two.

The Rolled Out Of Bed Mom:

She’s a hot mess.  She’s got bed head, a mismatched wrinkly outfit, and looks like she needs an IV drip of coffee, stat!  She probably didn’t even get to brush her teeth because she was so busy getting her kid ready for preschool.

The Fitness Mom:

She is decked out in all the latest workout gear, head to toe.  She is perky and poised and ready for her personal trainer.  Little do we know, she might be heading straight back to the sofa to watch The View.  It’s hard to tell.

The Pinterest Mom:

This mom is so put together.  Her outfits are Pinterest worthy every day, stylish, trendy, cute, and accessories galore.  Her child’s outfit is impeccable.  Her child’s lunch is probably a work of food art.  This mom looks fun, and wherever she’s going today, I want to go with her.

The So Many Kids Mom:

This chick has a baby strapped to her chest, two toddlers in a double stroller, and one or two small children walking with her.  She looks serious, and I wouldn’t’ ‘eff with her.  Just watching her makes me tired.

The Working Mom:

These moms mean business!  They are decked out in their professional gear and business suits and are on a mission.  They don’t dawdle, they have places to go, people to see.  Get out of their way in the parking lot.  Sometimes you see the Rolled Out of Bed mom looking longingly at the Working mom, wishing she could go to work too.

The Mini-Van Mom:

This mom has 2 or more kids and gave up on the sedan or SUV long ago.  It looks like a bomb went off in there, clothes, food, baby gear, etc.  You could probably survive for days in there if you had to.  I’m not dissing her, I could be her someday!

I’ve been all of these moms, except the So Many Kids Mom, and the Mini-Van Mom, not yet anyway.  Today, there was no beauty routine to speak of.   I was a combo of the Rolled out of Bed mom and the Fitness mom, and I can assure you I didn’t go to the gym.  I ran errands.  As Moms, we are all so different, and this is a no judgement zone.  No matter what kind of Mom you are today, make the most of your kid-free hours and have a great day!

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