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Who doesn’t love makeup??  No, seriously, there isn’t anyone who doesn’t appreciate the nice things makeup can do.  Dark circles?  Use Concealer.  Small lips? Get some Lip liner.  You see my point.  I began my career in the beauty biz as a makeup artist many moons ago, I’m talking the 90’s.  So much has changed, and I find myself stuck in ruts with my face and need new ideas to keep it fresh.  There are always new products, techniques, and trends with makeup, and its hard to stay on top of them all.

Goodies from Woo! Cosmetics

Makeup becomes a part of our lives somewhere around Middle School, beginning with a little lip gloss and mascara.  If you had strict parents, maybe high school.  In my high school days, the early 90’s, pretty much everything was brown, eyeliner to lip liner, 90210 style.  Of course, we all experimented with “our look” in college and our twenties.   I know I dabbled in some of MAC’s brighter eye shadow pallets in my 20’s, “swimming” was a favorite…

Scary, no?!?

As we age, I mean, mature, or sometimes get lazy, our makeup routine changes, morphs, suffers, or goes away altogether.  I wish I had the time to devote to my face every morning that I had years ago.  I’m sure I’d look much better if I did.  As any true product junkie will attest, when you’re in a makeup rut, you need new stuff.  If you haven’t figured this out yet, when I need answers to life’s burning questions, I ask the experts.  I turned to some of my pro makeup artist friends to see whats new on their radar right now.  I asked 3 women in different phases of life.  I asked my single, jet setting, diva friend Alison Page.  My newlywed, expecting her first baby friend, Casey Nelson Lombardi.  I asked my fabulous Mom of a toddler friend, Lauren Bryant.

Meet Alison Page

Lipstick Queen National Field Sales Manager. 



Amanda: What is your favorite fall makeup trend?

Ali: Fave fall beauty trend: flawless complexion, no fuss eyes, dark lips.  Apply your perfect complexion products (bb cream, foundation for needed coverage, highlight/concealer, contour, cheek color), softly define your brows, mascara, and then vamp it up!  Wine, red, rusts, berries, the darker the better!  Try different finishes to best compliment your lip shape and mood!  Step out of the box with a super glam smacker in a retro matte wine, high shine red liquid lips to stop traffic, or to be a lady killing man magnet with a metallic wine pout! Pucker up and let your lips do the talking!

Amanda:  What are 3 of your favorite makeup products?

Ali: 1. iMpact color cosmetics bb cream A 6-in-1 multitasker: primer, hydrator, color corrector, skin evener, SPF 15, and eyeshadow base.  Working in cosmetics over the years, I’ve tried tons and tons of foundational products in the market, including foundations, concealers, tinted moisturizers, and bb creams. I think every woman is on the never ending search for the best foundational product for her.  This product is the only foundational product I have found that is so universally flattering for all skin types and comes in 4 shades that are  very transitional for all skin tones.  The clear encapsulated pigments allow the skin to show through to reveal a traceless match.

2. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer.  While in a mad dash to replenish my makeup kit, I remembered a product recommended to me by a dear friend and makeup mentor.  Very similar to l the YSL Beaute famous Touch Éclat Highlighter (retails about $40), the much less expensive Dream Lumi ($7-$9) does an excellent job of concealing while highlighting… I’m all about a multi-tasker!  Apply under eyes for an instant 8 hours of sleep in a pen!  Great to aquiline the nose, apply down the center of the bridge of the nose for a “quick pinch.” I use this to touch up my makeup after a long day to pick me up! Also excellent after plane travel when your mascara may show signs of your catnap.  🙂

3.  Instead of recommending a fab lip product or going through my Rolodex of other top fave products, I decided to give an ode to a beauty tool, pretty “new” to the beauty biz, within the last few years, the Beautyblender.  Designed by two top Hollywood Make up artists, Beautyblender is the most versatile make up tool you’ll ever own. It ‘s elliptical teardrop shape is super soft to the touch, like suede and allows you to access hard-to-reach places making your make up application foolproof. It’s washable, re-useable and recyclable. It’s latex free and anti-microbial. Can be used with all types of make up; liquid base, cream base, mineral make up, cream blush, powders etc. Use Beautyblender damp or dry…I prefer to use it damp.  Application tip: Stipple or “bounce” Beautyblender when applying your make up for a flawless, airbrush type of finish.  I like to use damp after applying all of my makeup, I go back in and stipple/blend area that looks too heavy or uneven.  I love using it in the inner lower corner of my eye, to blend highlighter and any concealer that may have “creased” under the eyes.

Amanda:  What is the most common mistake you see women make with their makeup?

Ali:  The most common mistake I see women make is the wrong foundation shade/texture/finish/formula/match.  I see it daily, everyday, it’s a guarantee!  Find someone that is an expert, unbiased, and can make a recommendation based on not only your skin tone, but type, needs, and concerns.  Make sure you are matched to your content.  I highly suggest getting a professional to match you and check the color/tone/texture in natural light with a hand mirror.  (Please see my #1 fave beauty product above – it’s a must recommend for all of my friends and clients)!

Meet Casey Nelson Lombardi

Amanda: What is your favorite fall makeup trend?

Casey: My favorite trend for the fall are hints of metallic/shimmery colors on the eyes or cheeks. By adding a pop of a shimmery off-white to the inner corner of the eyes helps you to look fresh and awake. I also love to add a colorful loose pigment to just the center of the lid for a fun look without going overboard.

Amanda: What are your 3 favorite makeup products?

Casey:     My all time favorite makeup products I can’t live without are MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation, Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, and Sigma E25 Blending Brush. 

Amanda: Has your makeup changed since you’ve become pregnant? 

Casey: I’ve been INCREDIBLY lucky with my skin during my pregnancy. In the first trimester I did have the occasional breakout because I was on the topical medication Epiduo for adult acne. So naturally when I became pregnant I had to stop using it. But as soon as I hit my second trimester my skin cleared up tremendously. I haven’t had to change anything else with my skincare routine! I cleanse with Trader Joe’s gel cleanser since I have lash extensions and can’t use anything with oil or that will loosen the glue. And then I moisturize with Trader Joe’s Nourish Oil Free Facial Moisturizer. It’s kept my skin normal and not too oily or dry!

Amanda: Being a newlywed, how important is it to hire a pro makeup artist for a special occasion?

Casey:I think it’s so important to hire a professional artist for a special occasion. Especially your wedding day! Professional artists are trained to apply flawless, stunning makeup that can last through the ceremony and reception, posing and wardrobe changes. We also understand the many factors that can affect your look. For example, everyday makeup is entirely different from makeup that looks best for photography and film, and a skilled artist knows how to take into account the lighting and location of where the photos will be taken.

Meet Lauren Bryant

Woo Skincare & Cosmetics

2900 A Selwyn Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28209

TEL: 704.333.0443

Amanda: What is your favorite fall makeup trend?

Lauren:  My favorite fall makeup trend is a deep, plum lip color! It can be worn as your everyday “neutral” that takes you right into cocktail hour.

Amanda:  What are your 3 favorite makeup products?

Lauren: My go-to products are the “Alpha Beta Glow Pads” from Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, “Oleander Creme cheek color” from Laura Mercier cosmetics and “The Cure sheer eye” from Natura Bisse Skincare.

The Alpha Beta Glow Pads are the #1 product that I can’t live without! They are your “take home” chemical peel pads. Their purpose is to revive dull, tired, congested, uneven skin! Using them just once a week, you will see a dramatic difference in your skins tone, texture and glow!

Oleander Creme blush is an instant pick me up! It comes in a compact that it easy to stick in your briefcase, diaper bag or clutch. Pop a bit on the apple of your cheeks (and lips) for a soft, rosy hue. It is my “nap on the go!”

The Cure Sheer Eye
is a magical product! It is an under eye concealer, corrector, brightener and moisturizer all in one. The tint self adjusts to your specific skin tone leaving no evidence of concealer behind. With it’s glowing finish, your under eyes will appear bright and rested (even if you are not!)

Amanda:  How has your makeup routine changed since becoming a mommy?

Lauren:  Since becoming a mom, my makeup routine has changed A LOT! My once relaxed, coffee sipping, music listening, mornings are a thing of the past! My current goal is to get out of my house with my teeth brushed, makeup on, and my hair presentable!I often do my makeup with my fun, silly, 2 year old crawling up my legs while playing in my eyeshadow. My routine has gone from 20 minutes to 7 minutes- tops!!

Amanda:  What is a great quickie routine for a girl on the go?

Lauren: If you are in need of a quick, on the go routine, here is what you need:

1. A makeup primer; gives a 12 hour wear to your makeup throughout the day!

2. A tinted moisturizer; evens out your skin-tone and provides sunscreen all in one step!

3. Cream blush; provides a glowing pop of color to your cheeks!

4. Eye shadow base; takes any darkness or discoloration out of your eye lids. It gives an instant brightening, rested look to the eyes!

5. Mascara; for fake lashes on the go!

6. Lip color; gloss, lipstick or a stain will finish your look!

Thanks to my 3 experts for sharing their insider information and taking the time to educate us!  I know my makeup drawer required some serious maintenance!  Go pick out some fun new War Paint!

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