1st Pregnancy vs 2ND Pregnancy


This post is slightly off topic for a beauty blog.  It was on my mind, so I wrote about it.  My apologies if you were looking for something different today.  My next post will be back on track.

I’ll never forget the morning that I found out I was pregnant with my first child.  I was 90% sure I wasn’t pregnant, so I peed on the stick when my husband was traveling on business and fully expected it to say “NOT PREGNANT”.  My first thought was “Oh shit!”  I immediately called Brian, woke him up, and told him the news.  We were both a bit shell shocked.  When Brian got home from his trip, I took another test, and sure enough, it still said “PREGNANT”.  It’s not as if we didn’t know how these things happen, I was off the pill, and we definitely wanted children.  I guess I assumed that being 34 at the time, it would take longer and be a more difficult process.  I had several friends my age struggling with fertility issues.  I never expected a night of martinis to do the job.

We embraced the news and started talking about our future, baby names, where we would live, nursery ideas, etc.  I waited to tell people until my 1st trimester was over.  I monitored the What To Expect App daily, reading all about the baby growing inside.  I could spout off exactly how far along I was at the drop of a hat.  I was very careful about what I ate, worked out with a trainer, and stressed about every blood test and doctors appointment.  I took Bump pictures weekly.  I napped, I actually napped! At the end, I ate with reckless abandon (i.e.I got really FAT).

The day I was going to have my anatomy scan, Brian and I were fully expecting the tech to say “It’s a Girl!”  Brian had always thought he’d have a daughter, and myself being a girly girl to the bone, would love a little girl to doll up.  Our 12 week ultrasound, had left the technician guessing it was a girl, so we just assumed she knew her stuff.  We’d spent the last 6 weeks coming up with girl names, nursery colors, etc.  At the anatomy scan, the technician announced “It’s a boy!”  Huh?  Come again?  Brian and I were both stunned.  Not what we had anticipated AT ALL.  I left feeling let down, and mad at myself for feeling that way. I was supposed to be happy and grateful for a healthy baby, not feeling sorry for myself that I didn’t get my way.  I felt this sense of depression for a few days, and then I had an idea.  What always makes things better?  No, not cupcakes, Retail Therapy!!!  I went to Nordstrom, and found myself wandering over to the baby department.  Lo and behold, the boy clothes WERE cute, contrary to popular belief.  I bought 5 little newborn boy onesies, and felt the veil of depression lifting.  I was stoked about this little boy, and he was gonna dress cute, damn it!  From then it was on, I agonized over every decision for my baby shower registry.  Oh, and I had 3 baby showers!!  Crazy!  Which swing, which stroller, which bottle system?  So much thought and effort in every single thing.

 How could I not be excited about this face???

Mallory Fitzsimmons Photography

Of course, everything happens as it should.  We are enamored with this wild, sweet, snuggly little boy named Thayer.  I couldn’t imagine our life with anyone but him.

Now we discuss Pregnancy number 2!  Oh how different this has been.  First of all, the trying to get pregnant part was so much less fun.  We actually talked about ovulating, very unsexy.  Luckily for us, it only took 1 month of half-hearted trying to get pregnant.  Again, we are so fortunate on that front.  When I took the test this time, Brian was home, and we were excited!  Shocked, but not like we were the time before.  No, this time we knew exactly what we were in for.  We found out really early, which sucks, makes the pregnancy drag on forever.  I didn’t plan on telling anyone until I had my first ultrasound.  So much for that.  Apparently, I don’t turn down a cocktail, ever.  The cat was out of the bag much sooner than last time.

This time around, we have barely discussed names.  I downloaded the What To Expect App much later.  I forget how pregnant I am.  When asked how far along I am, I have to consult the App.  I told people I was 10 weeks pregnant for at least 2 weeks.   Sad, right?  I have yet to take a Bump Pic.  I don’t plan on any baby showers.

I had no major opinions on the sex, if it was a girl, I was great with that.  If it was a boy, awesome, I already have everything!!!  I was able to find out the sex fairly early, due to being old and getting the Harmony Test at 13 weeks.  It’s a Girl!  So fun!  I did buy a few girly outfits.  I haven’t planned or chosen a nursery theme.  She has no name, yet.  Honestly, I keep forgetting I’m pregnant, until I get nauseous.  I haven’t gained hardly any weight.  I attribute that to chasing a toddler around and working on my feet.  It’s not like I’ve been working out.

Of course, we are thrilled to be having another baby.  I’m sure that the farther along I get, (I think i’m in my 19th week??) the more engaged I will be with this pregnancy.  For now, I’m so consumed with raising and loving this hilarious toddler, I can’t quite wrap my brain around having another one.  I look forward to all the changes coming our way as we become a Party of Four!

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