Spray What?!?


As an admitted product junkie, I have quite the ridiculous amount of beauty gear (you don’t even want to see my bathroom cabinets).  Regardless of the magnitude of products I have, I seem to use the same things over and over.  I recently realized that most of my favorite products are sprays, probably due to ease of use and, let’s face it, pure laziness!  These are the sprays I’ve been using and abusing lately…

Foundation Mist by Oribe is a great detangler and heat protector.  I have fine, tangly hair that cannot be combed out wet without some help and lots of cussing.  It smells great and isn’t heavy on my baby fine locks.

Volumista by Oribe is a volumizing root lifter that you use on damp hair before blow drying.  It gives a serious lift with a stiffer volume and hold.  Not for the faint of heart, some people might reserve this for nights out or special events.

Pssssst! Dry Shampoo is an oldie but a goodie!  I am always talking about this stuff because it’s great and it’s super cheap!  I use it way too much.  Its great on day 2 hair to absorb the oil at the root, and it makes up do’s a breeze!  It gives volume, texture and also a great root hider for blonds.  Can’t say enough good things about this gem!

Aprés Beach Spray by Oribe is a multi-use product.  It’s a salt free beach spray, so it doesn’t dry out your hair.  It adds shine and texture.  You can use it to blow dry or to scrunch in.  I spray it in before I use a curling iron.  And did I mention it smells fantastic?!

Impermeable by Oribe is an anti-humidity spray.  For us Southern Belles, humidity is  the devil and a way of life.  This spray can be used as a blow drying aid or as a finisher.  It protects the hair from muggy weather by repelling moisture.   You can see why this is a MUST HAVE!

Hard Head Hairspray by Bed Head is an old faithful product for me.  I’ve dabbled in other hairsprays and finishers, but this has more bang for the buck.  It’s a firm hold, but doesn’t leave a gross film on your hair like some others do.  It will hold curls and up dos like no body’s business.

Not pictured…

Glow on the Go by Infinity Sun is my go-to self tanner brand.  My favorite spray tan provider, Zoe Politis from Vanity Glo introduced me to this a couple of years ago.  When I need a bit of color, but don’t have time to get sprayed, I use this every time.  Tan fat looks better than white fat! http://www.vanityglocharlotte.com

The Oribe products can be found at 8 the Salon 704-366-0858 4310 Sharon Road Suite T01A Charlotte, NC.

Psssst! and Hard Head can be found at fine Rite Aids, Harris Teeter, and online at amazon.com.

Until next time… maintenance is a dirty job, but everybody’s gotta do it!

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